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the day. and move the system through that caused those winds. that's now into texas and new mexico we are seeing heavy snow at this hour. >> jamie: holiday travel would you go for it or cancel. >> most spots i-9 a the entire ride looking great. texas see some issues. we do have snow right now. as it continues to drift its way eastward rainfall across the entire state of texas into louisiana. down through arkansas. be mindful of that as you head out for your travels during the day. >> jamie: i will be sitting right here. i hope everybody is safe out there. have a great holiday. thanks. >> thank you. >> jamie: this week's blizzard out west did trap one family in car. they were in there for almost two days. look at that the suv covered in four feet of snow. the couple is from texas. they were with their 5-year-old daughter and they got stuck in new mexico on their way to a ski resort. the father finally got through to his brother to called the cops. dad said they had enough food and water but after a while they were rubbing out of air. the parents say they have pneumonia. both of them bu
in the nation presidential contest a. new survey shows texas congressman ron paul leading former massachusetts governor mitt romney 24 to 20%. but that's still within the margin of error. another poll from cnn and time finds romney slightly ahead, 25 to 22%. again, within the margin of error. for congressman paul, one side effect of being viewed as a front runner is that it makes him a prime target for the rest of the republicans. especially on security issues. >> ron paul would be dangerous as a president of the united states. >> one of the people running for president thinks it's okay for iran to have a nuclear weapon. >> you don't have to vote for a candidate who would allow iran to be armed and to wipe out israel. >> hopefully people will start looking at him closer. he's got good ideas on the economy, but a lot of ideas that aren't particularly great ideas on national security. >> meantime, congressman paul was staying on his message. >> people are tired of the wars. they're tired of this economy. they're tired of the federal reserve. they're tired of congress spending a lot of money and
fully intact and nobody hurt. texas. disaster on the tracks after an amtrak train and an 18-wheeler collided. it happened north of austin on a trip from san antonio to chicago. no word on any passengers hurt. but the impact reportedly ejected the truck driver leaving him in critical condition. florida. a bright 2012 ahead for a struggling couple northeast of orlando. they just learned they won't have to pay their mortgage for a year. they are caring for a terminally ill son and they face losing their home as well. when they came across a contest looking for a deserving family, they gave it a shot. >> i said well, you know, our luck usually doesn't go very well but it can't hurt to fill it out. >> shepard: they won and now have one less worry on their mind. arizona. a phoenix man harnesses the power of the sun to make the holidays bright. there are hundreds of lights strung up on this christmas house and the entertainment isn't just free, it's also green. 12 solar panels in his front yard panels power the entire display. that's a fox watch across america. i'm shepard smith. this is t
dad. >> you want your dad to come home? >> where is your daddy? >> he he is in texas. >> okay. 1, 2, 3. i want my daddy. >> i want my daddy. >> let's see what we can do. >> daddy. [cheers and applause] >> i missed you. >> i missed you too. testimony. >> jon: can't get enough of that he started organizing the surprise with his wife. this is the first time he has seen his family in seven months. a motorcycle hits a car head on sending two riders flying into the air and it's all on video. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. china. you can see the collision right in the middle there. two people on that motorbike soaring through the air and slamming into the pavement. the pair reportedly in the hospital in serious condition. the driver of that car says the motorcycle didn't have its high beam lights on. colombia. flooding and mud slides have reportedly killed at least 170 people in parts of the country. heavy rains triggered the disaster. officials say the mud and water also destroyed more than 100,000 homes. authorities claim it's the worst rainy season there since they
. storm bringing snow to texas panhandle. folks could see up to a foot in the northern rockies. janice dean is in the extreme weather center. it seems like the wild weather is on the move. >> it is, shepard. 48 hours is where that storm is going from the desert southwest all the way through texas and up to the ohio river valley and the tennessee river valley. there is the snow that we saw across the desert of new mexico, also parts of arizona, el paso getting snow right now. let's take a look at parts of texas that got some seasonal snow. their first seasonal snow abilene and lubbock, odessa, am morrill low, schools were delayed thousands without power. that's going to continue because the temperatures are cold enough for snow. take a look, shepard. we are dealing with temperatures like 7 bolder, 20 in albuquerque, 29 in dallas, 26 in kansas city. ahead of that cold front that's where we are seeing warmer than average temperatures in new york city at 52. >> shepard: i will say. it doesn't feel like december. out west the winds are kicking up again in the los angeles area. >> we still h
showing former massachusetts governor mitt romney duking it out with texas congressman ron paul for the top spot in iowa. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum surging into third place while former house speaker newt gingrich has now faded into fifth behind texas governor rick perry. similar results in the real clear politics average of recent polls. romney and paul fighting it out for the top spot with the other contenders well behind. of course, anything can happen in iowa. and the candidates are crisscrossing the hawkeye state right now. judging by turnout in the, past, perhaps about 4% of iowa's population will participate in the caucuses. or to put it another way, we are all currently focused on what four hundredths of 1% will focus on in iowa. may not sound in the past. iowa with make or break campaigns. although tuesday's showdown is just a small first step it's an important one. and on the path it could potentially lead all the way to the white house. we have live team coverage tonight with steve brown on the role of what conservative voters could play in all of this
, it is going to stay there for a while. bits of the energy are going to move out across parts of texas. already seeing some of that rain. i will tell you over the next few days some big stories are going to be had here. the four corners dealing with the snow. you see the stripe that goes up across parts of the brains and northern great lakes. that is snow to the tune of 3 to 6 inches for some places around kansas. stretching eventually up towards wisconsin. that is saturday and sunday. take a look what happens right behind that though. a monday storm that brings snow into the texas pagez. snow -- panhandle. eventually around indianapolis or so. the good side of this i have got to tell you we are going to get some rain across parts of texas and louisiana. good any time we get rain in texas for about the next year. going to get some. you don't want to see that much in parts of arkansas. they had a lot of rain last week. they will be dealing with a little floody. >> shepard: the mid south don't need it either. have a good weekend. >> you too. >> shepard: a showdown on capitol hill over a controver
: and at christmas time. anita vogel live for us in los angeles. police in texas working to figure out why a man dressed as santa massacred his family. according to officials in the dallas area suburb of grapevine, the family had just finished unwrapping their christmas gifts. that's when cops say a relative in a santa claus costume opened fire and then killed himself. the family's neighbors left struggling to understand. >> quite terrified that this could happen less than 25 feet from where you sleep. >> there hasn't been any crime in this complex that they know of, not even a break-in. so to hear something like, this it's just shocking. >> police say they responded to the home after someone called 911 and hung up. when they arrived, cops found four women and three men dead. one of them the shooter. we're told the victims ranged in age from 18 to 60. officials say they won't release the victims' ids until autopsies are complete. and a fox urgent now and three people are dead after a medical helicopter crashed in florida. about an hour south of jacksonville. it killed the pilot as well as two me
cameron is live at a campaign event for texas governor rick perry in osceola, iowa, an hour south of des moines. carl, mitt romney and newt gingrich going at it? >> you can't rule out ron paul at the top of the race. after weeks of being relentlessly positive and refraining from criticizing rivals. no question newt gingrich is going hard. he says he is doing a study in contrast between himself and the massachusetts governor. today gingrich essentially counter attacked romney's assertion that he he is not a trust worthy and conservative leader. here is the newt gingrich retort. >> have somebody who has a massachusetts moderate, who said he did not want to go back to the reagan/bush years. voted as a democrat for paul song gus in '92. recently running for governor said i'm really a moderate pragmatic guy. who have him run a commercial that questions my conservatism? pretty tough stuff from newt gingrich. again, he says that is just simply a contrast in their two political characterization not a negative political attack. mitt romney arrives in iowa where he will be starting a bus tour acro
on the tape. the new 911 call perspective from the scene of a shooting in texas. investigators say now they know it was not the victims who were calling for help. who was on othe line? the gunman. it is coming up inside "the fox report." stay close. since i've lost weight i have so much more energy than i used to, when i'm out with my kids, my daughter's like, "mom, wait up!" and i'm thinking, "shouldn't you have more energy than me? you're, like, eight!" [ male announcer ] for every 2 pounds you lose through diet and exercise alli can help you lose one more by blocking some of the fat you eat. simple. effective. advantage: mom. let's fight fat with alli ♪ on the 4g lte devices you love. like the droid bionic by motorola for $199.99. or the pantech breakout for $49.99. our lowest price ever. get the technology you love, on the network you deserve. and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon. perspective shooter himself was making the call. according to police the gunman was dressed as santa which he shot six family members dead on christmas day and then
and texas congressman ron paul are right there with him and the top three contenders are all within the margin of error. a week after iowa comes new hampshire, the nation's first primary and mitt romney hanging on to his lead there. congressman paul has now jumped into second place ahead of newt gingrich. remember last night? we showed you gingrich is losing ground nationwide in a gallup daily tracking poll and tonight he is down another couple of points. he is promising to play nice even as he fights to get out the vote. >> i really do need your help on january 3rd. i know there are a ton of negative ads. you will be able to go to and see answers on every one of them. i'm not going to spend a lot of time on that stuff. i'm going to talk about positive solutions in a positive way. >> shepard: so a lot on the line for the candidates as they get ready to square off one last time in iowa. campaign carl cammeron is live in sioux city, the site of tonight's big fox news debate. man, what is a shot across the bough. today the republic governor of that state took a shot at newt gi
governor by 10 points in a new reuters ipso poll. the congressman ron paul and the texas governor rick perry tied for third place. but the same survey reveals president obama would beat newt gingrich by a bigger margin than romney if the election were held today so it's hypothetical. a gallup poll daily tracking poll shows him losing grounds in the last week with romney holding steady. romney is warning voters do not nominate newt gingrich telling "new york times" zany is not what we need in a president. our own zany guy carl cammeron live in des moines tonight. it's the people who have not made up their minds and who could decide, right? >> listen, we know from all of these polls that gingrich has a lead but he doesn't have the organization required. mitt romney is in second and basically tied with ron paul. we are looking at a three way race to the finish that really is going to ultimately be decided by undecided voters. all the polls suggested half of the some 120,000 so 150,000 republicans caucus on january 3rd have not made a decision and likely to change their minds. it's quite o
away. texas. police say somebody got into a warehouse and stole nearly $15,000 worth of gifts meant for hundreds of foster children east of dallas. >> they need to be punished for what they have done. >> harris: the organization now seeking donations to bring christmas to those children. and that's a fox watch across america. aim harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. this is the fox report. the whereabouts of the missing $1.2 billion, a total mystery. that from the former new jersey governor and u.s. senator jon corzine who, today, testified about the spectacular implosion of m.f. global. the brokerage firm he chaired until last month. as you may recall he he resigned days after mf global went bankrupt. with it $1.2 billion in customer money. customers, including farmers who now reportedly cannot even buy seed and small businesses whose assets are now said to be frozen. investigators saying that money is likely gone for good. lawmakers today making it very clear they are not happy. >> you can sir tell us today that while you have been the head of this organization mf global
, a pharmacist in waco, texas reportedly served up the very first glass of dr. pepper. it happened at a place called morrisson's old corner drugstore. as the story goes, the inventer liked the way the place smelled. the accommodation of fruity syrups and medicine. so he tinkered with the recipe until he came up with a mixture. at first he called it waco, after the town, but for unknown reason, the store's owner later changed it to dr. pepper and to this day, it remains the oldest major soft drink still in mass production in the united states and the world got some tasty medicine 126 years ago today. now you know the news for this thursday, the 1st day of december, 20211 already. -- 2011 already. it's here. is the orchestra on strike? there they are. it's
the cop destruction of a controversial oil pipeline from canada to texas that the g.o.p. says will create thousands of jobs. trace? >> but, molly, would the president veto that? >> president obama said today he would not accept a bill loaded with, quote, extraneous issues, including the pipeline, but stopped short of a veto threat. >> i don't expect to have to veto it because i expect they are going to have enough sense over on capitol hill to do the people's business and not try to load it up with a bunch of politics. >> the obama administration has pushed off a decision on that pipeline until 2013, the year after the elections. citing environmental concerns. trace? >> shepard: molly henneberg live in d.c. molly, thank you. europe will succeed in solving its debt crisis. that prediction from u.s. treasury secretary tim geithner after meeting in paris with the french finance minister. but it seems investors in the u.s. not so sure. stocks ending mixed after a back and forth day. the dow up 46 points, the nasdaq breaking about even and the s&p 500 up just two and a half. secretary geithner
indicates the stuff covers an area twice the size of texas. philippines dozens of fraternity men holding a naked run around manila. draw attention to efforts to clean up polluted rivers in the city. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> around the world is brought to you by verizon. your holiday smart phone destination. >> shepard: you know it's a bad date when it ends with a felony. a woman in pasco county florida says she went to a movie with a guy and at some point he said he had to get something from her car. she said she handed over the keys and that's the last she saw of him. happily the suspect michael pratt has a somewhat distinctive appearance so sheriff's deputies didn't have much trouble finding him. he faces charges of grand theft. i'm shepard smith. he is brad ass 87 and facing justice from the military that he is acould you seed of trying to betray. the army private bradley manning charged with giving hundreds of thousands of secret documents to wikileaks. reportedly down loading them on to a cd or ripping them on to it. a cd labeled lady gaga he
state for thursday night's huge republic debate. the last one before meantime texas governor rick perry and michele bachmann have each announced that he or she is hitting the road on bus tours across iowa this month. congresswoman bachmann vowing to stop in all 99 counties over 10 days. as the candidates make final pushes which voters show up to all important caucuses on january 3rd. steve brown live for us. sioux city iowa tonight. many conservative christian also show up as they always do. who else? >> well, it looks like there is going to be some newbys and some that might dilute the strength. three out of every five caucus goers was eevangelical christian. these folks are expected to have a very different political agenda. >> they tend to be more socially moderate. fiscal conservatives that focus on fiscal issues and tend to be more urban. so the campaign, that can capitalize on that is going to do very well on caucus night. >> the bigger the jump in turnout the more diluted the evangelical gets, shep? >> shepard: any campaign actually tapped into new group of caucus goers? >> almos
at a refinery sends one person to the hospital here on earth and it tops our news across america. texas. the blast at a plant at an industrial suburb of houston. a statement from the company indicates sludge at the bottom of a tank ignited over the weekend. emergency workers took one person to the hospital for burns on his arm. california. a diesel fuel tank at the university of california berkeley has overflowed. some into a nearby creek and more into san francisco bay. the campus health and safety official says he is looking into it. >> it appears that the amount that was released into the creek didn't have any significant impact on wildlife. but we want to confirm that. >> this urban creek's council member says the spill should not have happened. >> there ought to be some type of physical barrier that prevents the diesel from reaching the stream. >> no reports yet of any wildlife. >> florida. a new home for a home. crews moving this 98-year-old house in fort lauderdale across town. an anonymous donor reportedly gave $50,000 to save it from the wrecking bam. >> if we didn't move the h
on parole since last year, a peruvian court has ordered to return there by january 11th. texas. after 25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, this man is free. d.n.a. evidence has cleared him of murder and linked another man to his wife's bludgeoning death. he says he won't soon forget the emotional torture the wrongful conviction caused. >> wife's brains splattered all over the bedroom [inaudible] >> he says he now wants to rebuild his relationship with his son. arkansas. hundreds of folks lined up in fort smith to get their teeth pulled for free. part of an annual event to help those who can't afford dental care. the limit one tooth per person which saves patients as much as 700 bucks. sweet relief just in time for the holidays. and that's a fox watch across america. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. 11 days to go before taxes go up for millions of americans. and the white house is updating its countdown clock to put all the pressure on the house republicans. they just rejected a senate bill to extend the p
: police arrested the injured man. texas. a single engine plane crashing in a field northeast of austin killing the pilot, his wife, their two children and the pilot's brother. storms were reportedly in the area at the time. florida. a guy southeast of orlando says he arrived home to find a burglar in his bedroom. >> he saw me and uttered an explicative and dove out the side window. >> shepard: the homeowner grabbed his gun and went outside to stop him. >> he was going to get away and i wasn't going to let him get away. >> shepard: he didn't until cops showed up and arrested the suspect. illinois, donors helping toys for tots chicago land after somebody allegedly stole it $25,000 from the group. >> i spent $350 and it's fine and this is what it is all about. shep get. this another anonymous donor dropped off a check for the whole 25 grand and that's a fox watch across america. >> shepard: a rare sight in northern california, endangered siberian tigers getting their first look at snow. they weren't so sure at first. a few minutes later they got the hang of things. we're told their thick
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)